Intel i7-3770k running very hot

Allright I got my rig yesterday and its running damn hot.

Vengeance 4GB DDR3 1600 RAM
NZXT Cabinet Source 210 Elite
Corsair VS650 PSU

Havent overclocked or anything. But played games for 15-20mins along with software installation and transfer and stuff at which the HDD ran at 100% Cpu was at 14-20% during that time but after about 1-2hrz of usage the temps shot to 96'C

I ordered a cooler master hyper 212 right away. Is there anything that can help to reduce temps.

No i am not going to remove the CPU IHS (too risky)

at first the fan control was normal ... i then changed it to 2.5 PWM / 'C

Any one who owns that motherboard can let me know any other settings or anything that need to be changed please let me know
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  1. If it shot up that high like that i'd say it's the heatsink isn't fully touching. So you might want to check the pins on it.
  2. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    First thing I would do here is check that your HSF is properly seated at all four corners. Check that, see where you get.
    Hope it works
  3. okie thank you well i ordered one HSF already so it will be on itz way tmorrow ... will install and update you guyz about the same..

    The rig is of a frnd and hez out now will come by tmorrow afternoon so till then cant say anything
  4. Let us know if you need help installing it.We can tell you step by step it's easy no worries.
  5. Well i have built many rigs ... i dont think the hsf is installed incorrectly ... will update you....

    i have a sunbeam core contact freezer on mine ... built about 20-30 pcz but as ppl say ...

    "No1 is perfect" so will check tmorrow
  6. Sorry forgot to update you guyz.

    I went in and checked my installation and it was not at all wrong. It was perfect but still the temps were the prob.

    So I went and installed the Hyper 212 and now the temps are stable 33'C at idle and about 40'C after using for 20-30mins

    Thanks for all the advices guyz.
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