Can a AMD Radeon 7750 work in a Optiplex 755?

Hi, i wanted to upgrade my current graphics card(Intel Q35 Chipset Family) to the AMD Radeon 7750 although im not sure if it will work. i wanted to buy the 7770 but i noticed it did not fit. My question is will the Radeon 7750 fit and work properly?

Current Processor: Intel core 2 Duo
Current Power Supply: 305W
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  1. possibly, any oem psu is a gamble when trying to add in a new card(assuming it fits your case and you have a pci-e 16x slot)
  2. If your board has a pci-e slot, you'll be fine.

    The 7750 has a 43w max power draw. With a core 2 and a 7750, your system won't go above 200w at full load.
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