Asus N56VZ with i7 or i5 processor for BF3

I'm going to buy Asus N56VZ with GT 650M but I'm not sure whether I should buy it with i7-3630QM or i5-3210M. The one with i7 has 250gb more harddrive and 2gb more ram than the one with i5 but it costs 200 euros more and I don't really want to spend that much for a laptop.
Is it worth to buy the i7 version for the extra 200 euros if I will mainly play BF3 with it. Is there a noticeable FPS drop when I should choose i5 over the i7?
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  1. hafijur said:
    What about screen resolution? If the laptop costs like 800 euros already then I would get the higher euro o7 one as battlefioeld 3 likes true quad cores.

    1080p, i5 costs 899 euros and i7 costs 1099. I think 1099 is too much for a laptop
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