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Hi all

I'm planning on putting together a low power 24/7 home server that I can use for streaming and to run downloads. I'd like any thoughts / advice on the components I've put together so far:

The pre-req's of this build are

Low Power (for mostly 24hr uptime)
Low build cost (around £300 though will pay little more for low power items)
Low Noise

Here's what I've decided on thus far (prices are rough based on several sites I've looked at)

CPU: Celeron G530 (Most of us would balk at the sight of a Celeron but this Dual Core has good performance for my needs and very low power) - £34

MB: Gigabyte H61MA-D3V (One of the few H61 boards with more than 4 SATA controllers. Other two are SATA III but that's not important for this build) - £45

Mem: 2x2GB DDR3-1333 1.35v (Haven't settled on a brand but so long as it meets those criteria and the price is good) - £20

HDD: Barracuda Green 1TB (Green Hard-drives? Who knew? Not sure about this one though, which HDD to pick has given me the biggest headache) - £60

Optical: LG BH10LS38 (Reasonably well priced BDRW with Lightscribe) - £64

PSU: Be Quiet E9 StraightPower 450W (One of the few 80PLUS Gold units at such a good price) - £60

Case: Undecided

OS: Probably Windows Home Server 2011

The main thing sticking in my mind is, is the G530 a good idea or I be better looking at an Atom D525 build in terms of Power Consumption? My concern is gimping the servers performance and regretting it later.

The HDD choice is also bugging me, and every time I look at cases my head explodes...

Thoughts appreciated
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  1. Looks great to me, but I question the need for a 450w psu. A 300w psu would be overkill for that system.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I agree it seems a bit overkill, main reason I chose it was because of its 80Plus Gold rating. Would I be better off choosing a lower power but less efficient PSU over a high more but more efficient one?

    I'd always assumed the PSU will only draw what it needed and the only reason to drop down in wattage would be price.
  3. Correct. I was just sayin....
  4. 80 PLUS efficiency is defined for 20 to 100% load, it can get well below 80% if loaded with less than 20%, meaning that a lower power PSU might be more efficient under small load. Here are some measurement I found (sorry it is in french) : http://www.hardware.fr/articles/734-10/comparatif-7-alimentations-moins-45-euros.html
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