Can't find the source of my problem (pictures/video inside)

I been asking and searching for a few days now, and i still can't figure whats going on. When i play games there's this weird shimmering/outlining effect when i run by things.

-sapphire 6870
-8gb ram
-z68 Pro3 Gen3
-asus VH236H LCD

I tested different drivers with no luck all keep producing the shimmer.
I tried several HDMI cables, with no luck.
I recorded a video, and the shimmers show up.

video (watch in highest quality)

Here a few pictures of it.
Look at the bumper of the car
Look at the edge of the wall

Any suggestions on what to do next will be helpful.
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  1. Does it happen in any other game aside from Saints Row 3?
  2. the white lines seem to only happen in saints row 3, but the shimmering on distance objects happens in other games.
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