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Top Mounted PSU Positioning

I have built many computers in the past, but this has me confused. The Cases that I want has a top mounted PSU, but there is no holes in the for my PSU fan to suck air in with. Do I face the fan inside the case so it pulls in air across the Motherboard & CPU? (Case and PSU links below)

- My initial thought is that it will intake hot air from inside the case, and expel it out of the back of the PSU. Which would cause a slight increase in temperature, but not too much.

Any opinions/thoughts would be great. Thanks!


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  1. Top mounted PSU has the fan facing downwards, sucking air from inside of the caase.
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    Yeah, that is the problem with top mounted configurations. A high end system will output a load of heat which the PSU will have to transfer through it.
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