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Games on my Computer.. upto what it can play?

I have
FX 4100 *no oc*
4GB RAM DDR3 1333Mhz
MSI 760GM-P21

I want to play games likes GTA IV, Crysis, Far Cry, Call Of Duty, Assassin's Creed.

Upto what It can play? Like can I play Far Cry 3?
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  1. Well the GPU is very old but I think it call still run games on low settings.
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    Your CPU is pretty good for gaming, although an older Phenom II 955 would have been a better choice, it won't be a problem. The only thing that should be a concern is your Graphics Card. It offers up about the same performance as an HD6770 or HD7750, which aren't exactly "High End" But are still very viable options. I would say that no game is a match for your computer. Even at more modest settings like Low-Medium, newer games look quite good.
    As to what you can play, pretty much anything out there. I can play Far Cry 3 on mostly High settings with a few medium here and there with about 45-50FPS on my HD6750 and Phenom II 965.
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  4. Woah, very well answer by Unlimited Banana :O

    Just tell me one thing more that, Do I need to upgrade my PSU (Its 250w Acer) to play GTA IV on Max Settings?
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