How many cuda cores does Premiere Pro CS6 use?

I have been given the task of putting together inexpensive video editing pc's for my school. I want to buy the least expensive card I can get away with, without the graphics card bottle-necking premiere. I know that in CS5, premiere used 96 Cuda cores, has that changed with CS6?If you don't know how many cuda cores are used, then what is the best Nvidia card I can get for video editing that is less than $150? Any Help would be appreciated.
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    This website here will give you a lot of great insight on the cores, choosing what's best for you AND even give you tips on enabling the Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration on Non-Supported cards! :)

    Also Adobe Recommends the following:
    -GeForce GTX 285 (Windows and Mac OS)
    -GeForce GTX 470 (Windows)
    -GeForce GTX 570 (Windows)
    -GeForce GTX 580 (Windows)
    -NVIDIA® Tesla C2075 card (Windows) when paired with a Quadro card as part of an NVIDIA Maximus™ configuration
    -Quadro FX 3700M (Windows)
    -Quadro FX 3800 (Windows)
    -Quadro FX 3800M (Windows)
    -Quadro FX 4800 (Windows and Mac OS)
    -Quadro FX 5800 (Windows)
    -Quadro 2000 (Windows)
    -Quadro 2000D (Windows)
    -Quadro 2000M (Windows)
    -Quadro 3000M (Windows)
    -Quadro 4000 (Windows and Mac OS)
    -Quadro 4000M (Windows)
    -Quadro 5000 (Windows)
    -Quadro 5000M (Windows)
    -Quadro 5010M (Windows)
    -Quadro 6000 (Windows)
    -Quadro CX (Windows)
    -Tesla C2075** (Windows)
  3. As the linked article implies, it is much more complex than counting cores. You should find benchmarks and look at those. The latest generation cards (600 series) software hasn't been fully optimized yet: I suspect they will get faster over time as Adobe and nVidia play with the software.
  4. cpuslawter said:

    The 256bit version is much better due to extra bandwidth feeding the shader. For the best cuda experience aim for a GF100/110 based card and it will crunch through any cuda load with great ease.
  5. ya but the 256bit isnt available, and for 100$ the 192bit does justice
  6. cpuslawter said:
    ya but the 256bit isnt available, and for 100$ the 192bit does justice

    Agreed but two days ago there was a 256bit version that was a evga recert for only $109 on the egg.
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  8. So would you get any real preformance increas from going from say a 550 ti (or a 560 or 570 or something) to like a 580? I am debating cheaping out with a used gtx 550 ti or getting a 560 ti or 660. I hear the new gen doesnt do as well with computing, but you'd thing that since it has 3x as many cores it would make up for it.
    plus this benchmark says the 660 preforms better on cuda computing (score of 830 vs 670 of the 560 ti)
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