Help a noob upgrade his first gaming computer

hi guys, two years ago i bought an acer predator g5900 as i was just getting into pc gaming.
i've recently spent around £300 upgrading it, in the most important ways i thought possible.

Right now my system runs most of my games fine on between 50 to 150 FPS . i intend to buy a new power supply for my card as the old one causes my computer to restart periodically, and is in general cheap and cheerful.

system specs :

intel core i5 processor 650
8gb DDR3 memory
500GB hard drive
geforce gtx 580 twin frozr

However some of the more demanding games such as Arma 2 or 3, and most other games which are heavily dependent on calculations (i.e bullet drop, many AI, large open world maps) seem to struggle just the same as before the upgrade with my GT 340, i see vast graphic improvements but massive drops in FPS when it has to calculate things as before. I need advice on the cheapest way to make my computer run games like this smoothly. i have very little knowledge on what besides my card, to upgrade as i thought this new and powerful card would solve all my problems.

please be as clear as possible i would really like to understand more about what ive missed out upgrading my system, thanks in advance
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  1. I would leave it, ARMA 2 pushes even the fastest PCs still. If you're worried, try to overclock. Get a new PSU of course so that 580 can have the juice, it needs about 600watts minimum PSU if I'm right in thinking.

    Here's a thought- does it lag when it's loading new game areas? It could be your hard drive that's at fault. If it's a 5400 rpm one (and very likely it is) then that's your problem. The i5 may be a few generations old now but it's far from slow.
  2. What power supply are you using, surely you upgraded that too right??

    The only thing I would suggest other than that is to overclock your cpu.
  3. I'm guessing its your CPU. I had an i5 650 for a while, and while it gets the job done it's not the best. In games such as TF2 I would see severe slow down when the action kicked off. After a while It got on my nerves so I upgraded to a 2500k and now GTA IV and Arma etc run alot smoother. depending on the budget you could OC your cpu, that would be the cheapest. Otherwise staying with 1156 you could try to pick up a 750 and overclock that. If your budget can take it then I would recommend the 2500k as there is literally no comparison to the two.

    You did exactly the same as me, I bought an advent something PC with an i5 650, 5570. It got the job done at first but it was definitely not value orientated. Although now I have upgraded basically all of it it's perfect. the upgrading gave me the skills to then go on and build a pc from the bottom up, as I have done with some of my friends.

    As for the HDD I highly doubt It is 5400rpm but it could be the problem.
    If you can then overclock the 650. I have spoken to other people with the 650 and they have all said the same that it is capable when overclocked, unfortunately I was unable to do so due to the motherboard being locked by the manufacturer which will probably happen to you too.
  4. You shouldnt expect blistering CPU performance with the 650 its an older dual core slightly weaker than a current i3 2100.

    Overclocking if doable on your mobo would help some but really your best upgrade is a new platform (mobo and CPU) if it bugs you that much.
  5. wow thanks guys , geekman, my power supply model is ps6451-5ae. its the default one i bought it with, so no i never upgraded that since it seemed to work... and will using this mean my 580 is not at its full potential ?. Blah man, i guess you're right it does take more resources than most of my other games.
    Ifluxx you took the words right out of my mouth, yeah i paid a ridiculous price because i was told i was buying a gaming pc before i had any knowledge on the subject, turns out it was barely a gaming pc, and true, right now i feel as though i should have built one since im understanding it better. could any of you provide me links to the (cheapest) hardware i need to upgrade in order to get the most from my gtx 580. thanks for your replys guys
  6. and blahh man no not really, the only lag comes from npc's and lots of "ACTION" (FIRES BURNING, *** BLOWING UP ETC) on skyrim my 4gb setup would often crash to the desktop while loading certain areas, by adding 2gb of ram i stopped experiencing any lag when loading new areas (except arma) i threw on 2 more gb of ram to be sure
  7. Oh wow, I didn't know the i5-650 was a dual core, I was thinking quad core.

    You definitely need to overclock it or get a quad core.
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