Games keep crashing

So I just built a new computer about a month ago ( system specs later) it worked great at first but now I cant play any games. When I do it will crash shortly after I start. Usually the screen will just freeze, the image will get distorted a bit and a slight buzzing sound can be heard. Occasionly will get a blue screen but there doesn't seem to be a specific error code attatched to it.

I've checked the video driver and its up to date. Thought over heating so boosted onboard gpu fan and added another case fan and I've still got nothing, same problem.

If anyone can offer some words of wisdom to help I would really appreciate it!

MSI Z77A-G45 motherboard

Intel Core i7-2700K CPU @ 3.50GHz, 3500 MHz

CPU cooler

8 GB ram

EVGA GTX 560 Ti 2 GB

650W Power supply

1 TB hard drive

Thermaltake Overseer case
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  1. start by updating your mb bios there few cpu code updates on a few for ram. dont use the windows bios can brick your mb use a usb stick and do it from the bios flash updater. i would also check your video drivers the first 30x driver were buggy they just drop some new drivers the other day. i would start with memtest to see if you have any bad ram.if it passes try removing one stick and see if error stop or get worse. check the gpu fan to see that it working and use open hardware monitor to check ps voltages...i would watch them when you start a game and see if the ps holding. also try prime95 to see if you can force an error or gpu burn in.
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