Cpu and graphics??

im not so good at desktop builds, i plan to build a $550 dollar gaming rig which is capable of playing most games at max or high settings around 45-70 frames for the next 2years or so...

I would usually be gaming at resolutions of 1440x900.

im completely stuck on which CPU & graphics card should i get, a pentium g860,i3-2120,amd fx4300 or am i better off with the amd phenom ii x4 955.
for graphics card,i plan to get either the gtx 650 or the hd7770 (or can i get better for around $150?)
the rest i plan to get are:
for the intel: Asus P8Z77-M $109.00, /// For the AMD build: Asus M5A78L-M-LX $56.00
PSU: cooler master extreme series 550w, $56.90
RAM: kingson hyper X 1600mhz , $49
Casing: Cooler master Elite 342 , $32

so guys i really need you help,i be getting this parts probably next week,all opinions are welcome,thanks...=D
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