Is my new build scoring correctly on 3dmark11?

My new build is

CPU---i7 3770k- aftermarket air cooled heatsink
GPU---zotac geforce gtx 670 2gb
RAM--32gb corsair vengaence 1600 memory
PSU--power pc and cooling 750 watts
HD---crucial 240gb SSD 6gbs
MB---gigabyte- z77x-ud3h
OS---vista 7 64bit

My score on 3dmark is 8000-9000, is this normal or is something off? I was expecting higher numbers...Thank you!
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  1. Anyone?
  2. If your too lazy to look up the results other people have, your just trying to show off your EPen
  3. Thank you! I was actually looking for it earlier but couldn't find it.
  4. wow mine is actually not doing that well... I wonder what I did wrong :(
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