Are peripheral heatsinks on GPUs necessary?

The main heatsink is obviously necessary if you are using air cooling, but I wondered about the RAM and voltage regulator heatsinks (specifically on the gtx 570, using the accelero xtreme plus 2 cooler).

What will happen if you do not use the heatsinks on the ram and/or the voltage regulators? The answer of this question will therefore answer whether they are necessary or not...

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  1. The air from the cooler itself should cool them well enough.Adding the heatsinks will only further cool them.Although if you are overclocking I suggest adding them for better stability.
  2. I see. I do actually have most of the heatsinks but two are missing from the RAM section and one from the voltage regulator.

    The fan's cooling input is surely higher than the heatsinks anyway so the heatsinks just take extra celsius?
  3. Quote:
    If you are an enthusiast who does not want to tangle with W/C or simply cannot afford it like me, an aftermarket air cooler will be a great step up from any reference cooler.

    Any reason for applying a custom cooler to your 570?

    It was actually 2nd hand and the Accelero came with it.

    I also have a question about heat tapes and pastes or compounds and the differences between them....

    From my understanding the tapes are (obviously) used to "tape" the heatsinks down. But there is also thermal adhesive (?). Is this essentially glue with high thermal conductivity? Thermal paste is generally used on the Central processor of either GPUs or CPUs. Why is this and why isn't, say, thermal tape used?

  4. Can I also order single heatsinks?

    Thanks for the info on thermal tape.
  5. Thanks a lot.
  6. Think of the heatsinks as a passive cooler,just a big heatsink with no airflowWhen you add airflow to it it increases the cooling a lot.
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