Desktop screen goes black and comes right back on

so here is my question ive been going nuts trying to figure this out. I have 2 desktops with the same exact problem one an HP and one an E Machines. I turn them on and they boot just fine i go online for a few minutes and the screen goes black and the power light flashes then i hear the fans kick on really loud and the screen comes back up where i left off. It does this continuously and i am unable to work on it because of the issue anyone ever experience this if so please let me know of any way i can fix this problem thank you for your time!
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  1. could you list the actually pc like the name of it? It would be helpful.
  2. could you list the actually pc like the name of it? It would be helpful.[/quotemsg
    thanks for the quick response....the e machines model is the emachines 1210-09. The Hp model desktop would be the HP pavillion a6512p-PC. I actually have the e machines system all pulled apart and the hard drive taken out of it i looked at all the capacitors and they all seem ok no funky stuff coming out of them and the tops arent bulged out.
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