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Maximum screen resolution

Hello, in device manager i read my display adapter is Intel (R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family. I went to Intel site and I read there maximum screen resolution depends on several factors. I intend to buy a 32 inch TV/monitor, and TV specs say maximum resolution is 1920X1200. Will my adapter cope with the new monitor?

Thanks, Luis.
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  1. if your adaptor supports full HD, then it should work
  2. Thanks for the reply. I bought a new Zotac full HD adapter, but could only set resolution to 1360X768. Any hint?

    Kindly, Luis
  3. wait what kind of CPU is it. it sounds like you will need a upgrade
  4. I'm sorry for the novice question, but how can I find out?

    Thanks, Luis.
  5. im running windows xp but i dont think that is still the same on other operating systems

    go to the my computer/computer icon
    look down to the bottom of the page to find out the hardware specs. you may need to full size the window (windows 7)

    for xp

    go to my computer icon on the desktop
    right click and access properties
    you should be able to find the specs for the computer under the general tab
  6. What is your current monitor? Does it support over 1360x768? If it doesn't, there's your answer why you cannot set it higher. And no, there's no way you'd need to upgrade your CPU. Most you would need to do is buy a new cable if your current isn't good enough.

    Which cable are you using?
  7. Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU E3300 @2.50GHz 2.50 GHz
    RAM 4.00 GB (3.00 GB usable)
    32-bit Operating System


  8. the e3300 doesnt have intergrated graphics. are you running off a dedicated graphics card?
  9. Monitor is full HD, connected through HDMI cable. Monitor does not have DVI input, just VGA and HDMI. I am using two monitors, one is not full HD.


  10. @TheBigTroll, Intel (R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family is motherboard graphics.

    @OP: So you cannot set fulll HD resolution for either display? Do you have the latest graphics drivers installed? If not, you may download them from here:

    Just to add, that integrated graphics supports resolution up to 1920x1200. You will not have to upgrade it.
  11. Video Card is Zotac 210 1GB.

    Thanks, Luis.
  12. Oh so you are running from dedicated graphics. Are you hooking up the monitor to the graphics card? Do you have latest drivers installed for that card? You may download them from here:
  13. why not run the monitor off of the 210?
  14. I am running both monitors from the 210, 24 inch through VGA and 32 inch through HDMI, I tried to unplug 24 inch but could not get 1920 X 1080 from 32 inch full HD alone
  15. As I said, install drivers from

    It will fix it ;).
  16. Thanks again, I am downloading it, it is 119 MB.

    Kindly, Luis.
  17. Tell us how it goes ;).
  18. Unchanged. I downloaded and installed.
    Thanks again.
  19. Which are exact models of your monitors?
  20. Philips 32PFL4007D/78 32 inch connected through HDMI and LG L226WTQ-BF connected through DVI. Video Card is Zotac 210 1GB.


  21. Best answer
    Maximum resolution for your TV is 1366x768. It cannot do higher than that.

    Maximum resolution for your monitor is 1680x1050. So it cannot do 1920x1080 either.

    I guess we found the problem :).
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  23. Thanks a lot, you know what happened? Store specs said full hd, max 1920X1080. I bought it for that reason. I will return the TV.
  24. Oh that sucks! You should return it ;).
  25. Now, this means that if I buy another one full HD, if I insist to use the TV and the monitor I will be limited to the lowest resolution?

    Thanks again.

  26. No. As long as you're not duplicating screen and using expand option, you may set the resolution for both screens separately.
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