No sound when heavy graphics?

Dell GX110 (Intel 810E mobo, no agp) 667mhz, 256megs ram
Radeon 32meg sdr pci
Onboard sound (Ac-97)
Win2k, latest patches

I'm playing Max Payne (v1.1), and in the final scene w/the helicopter crashing, my sound goes out due to the heavy graphics involved. (my fps drops below 10.) Video and sound cards are on their own IRQ. I'm playing at 1280x1024x16bit.

Besides new hardware, dropping resolution, or reducing sound effects, is there anything else I can do? Like new sound drivers? (Dell's site don;t have them. they only have for soundblaster. or is a the AC97 a soundblaster??)


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  1. Disable that piece of crap onboard sound and buy a dedicated sound card. The AC-97 codec sucks, it uses CPU processess big time. If you can afford it, get the Philips Acoustics Edge.

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  2. Your tough luck. I'm surprized the game even plays on your crappy integrated video. You can try a sound card to help, but eventually you'll run into problems with video. And PCI doesn't cut it either. To further complicate things, the power supply has the wires in a different arrangement than a standard ATX power supply, so to upgrade the board you'd have to upgrade the power supply.

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