INNO3D 560 Ti Overheating Problems

Hi i got a problem my graphic cards read temp is 86-95C i am getting nuts now how to bring the temp down it is so hot. I already did lots of things including updating the driver to 296.10. I already opened the side case and open up the aircon to see any difference but it doesnt have any difference. Any more ideas? Already downloaded also EVGA precision X.

Here are my ideas:

1.) Reapply the thermal paste of my GPU. (Does it void my warranty what do you think?)
2.) Update to the latest version of my driver
3.) Return this to where i bought it.

P.S. Airflow. Don't worry about it i got 2 inwards (1 front and 1 side) and one outward which is in the back part.

560 Ti
i5 2500k
8 gb ram
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  1. check with open hardware monitor that the gpu fan is moving. i have a 550ti and the fan auto set at 41 percent and the van speed is over 1000rpm.
  2. yeah it is moving. Uhhh this thing is getting me nuts!
  3. Can you tell us
    1. The brand of your card
    2. PSU brand and specs
    3. When this problem started

    Please download & install MSI afterburner and give us those readouts.
  4. 1. INNO3D 560 Ti
    2. Well it is all written above mate. I'll just add up my PSU - Aerocool Xstrike 600W
    3. Well it happens 1 week ago.

    Also I use EVGA Precision X
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