No POST beeps, but Fans and LED turn on, No Signal on monitor.

So I built a computer recently, with the specs:

FX-8120 AMD processor
EVGA GeForce 550 TI
CORSAIR Professional Series HX850
W.D. 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 6GB
And with a ASUS Xonar Essence ST Sound Card.
Win. 7 Home Premium 64x.

I was having issues with it where it was freezing and forcing me to hardswitch it to turn it off. I have read that it has issues running certain 3rd-party steam games. At first it did not have an issue rebooting, and I stopped freezing after I updated using @BIOS. However, the issue came back and the reboots began to be sluggish. However, just yesterday it froze yet again, but would not reboot.
At first with no lights, or fans or anything. So I swapped out the PSU for with a weak 550W, but I just got a quick light flash, but no launch. Now an 850W is back into the machine, but now the lights and fan come on, but no display or POST beep.

I opened up the machine again to remove the CPU, and found that it was fused to the heatsink.

So at this point I figure it could be my Mobo, or my CPU, or both. Is there any sure-fire way for me to test?

EDIT: I have also confirmed that the monitor I was using functions perfectly and the 550W also works. When I swapped out the 550W for the 850W I also took out the soundcard, because I felt it would be to power intensive.
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  1. if the mb still can low level post with a speaker connected to the mb if the video card or ram is removed it give you a cmos bep code failure..other then that a post it card is the only true way to see where the mb is not posting. unless you can see melted parts on the mb.
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