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hey guys

i was just playing mafia 2 with everything maxed out, which should be no problem for my gtx 680 twin frozr III OC edition. but i noticed some lag. i looked it up at looks like a lot of people have some fps drops the new 301.42 driver from nvidia. are any of you guys having the same issue?
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  1. I am having slight issues with it. I dropped down to the 301.24 Beta driver and was fine with that. For more stability you can get one of the 295 driver series until a good 300 series driver is released.
  2. the 301.10 is working fine for me (that was also what i was using before the 301.42) :D
  3. Yep, roll back to the R300 beta's from early May. Thats what Im using now with my 670 and its been butter! :) no issues at all.
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