Setting up my sound system on xfi championship pci edition

theres 4 connectors in the back of my card:

line out 2, lineout3

lineout1, and flexijack.

id like to setup my speakers to one connector and one with my headphones.

can u guys help me determine witch one i gotta connect for each thanks.

thats my card.

any help would be great thanks
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    Well I can tell you what I have done but not sure if you are trying to do the same thing or not. Soundblaster makes a Sound Blaster Digital I/O Module that plugs into the flexi jack and you can use toslink or RCA type spdif connections to your sterio this is as good as it gets as quality goes then you can use your stereo to plug your headphones into... I just did not know if you mean a component system or like normal computer speakers when you say "Speakers"... Also if you have ony one jack to plug into the card always plug into the green jack.

  2. im asking, if how can i use headphones on the other ports, like the black port? sound doesnt work, it shows its on but no sound coming out, any help would be nice

    like on this link u see theres other ports 3-4 etc, but how do i use these with sound? thanks
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