disk space gone missing?

I was messing around with partition magic 6 (trying to make a new primary partition) and osl2000 and managed to lose 11GB of disk space from a 19GB drive. All windows apps tell me I only have a disk of 8GB. DOS based programs tell me I still have 19GB and only 1 partition. Partition Manager sees an 8GB disk. Norton Disk Doctor tells me there is an error in the boot record but can't fix it.

Is there anything I can do to avoid formatting the drive?
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  1. What OS is this again?

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  2. win98 SE
  3. I was going to install Partition magic on my cpu until i got to page 67 or so of the manual where it says that if you are going to use norton Systemworks that all partitioning must be done from the Partition magic rescue disks in Dos only, needless to say i have norton all over my system, and decided not to install.. Partition Commander does support use of norton products, however you must uninstall reinstall Norton SW,s so it doesn't see changes in master boot record, then you shouldn't see anymore Norton errors.Maybe this will cut down on your headaches...
  4. Did you mess with cluster sizes?

    Sounds like this is why all the space has gone AWOL! You changed cluster size to say 8k and PM adjusts the partition size accordingly, put it upto 16k and you have your space back!

    Just a thought!
  5. Ok, try booting from the PM boot disk and having a look then, see if you cant fix it, failing that, erm you DID create the emergency undo disk for partition magic didnt you?

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