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I have a Cooler Master 334 (Nvidia edition) and I would like to make sure that the Asus GTX 550 Ti will fit in this case, I think it will I just want to make sure, and the case was almost sold out so it was a bit last minute. -thanks
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  1. The Coolermaster 334 will accept a video card which is 252.15 mm in length, the ASUS GTX 550Ti is 242.315 mm in length. So it should work !
  2. cool thanks, so does this build look good
    Coolermaster 334
    4/8Gb Corsair XMS
    western digital blue 1tb
    430w Corsair psu (I have already)
    AMD Athlon II X4 640
    Asus gtx 550 ti
  3. I would go with a Samsung 830 or 840 ssd for a boot drive between 64 Gb - 120 Gb and a 500 GB WD blue hdd, also check to see if memory is on the QVL from ASUS for your motherboard, otherwise your good to go.
  4. oh thanks for the confirmation, and the asus website and newegg seem to have clashing info, new egg says the max ram is 8gb and the asus says 16gb. i was just a bit worried for the psu with the wattage and the fact that the fan is on the top and it mounts at the top of the case. but I dont think that I can afford an ssd though but I would just love one.
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