Good Upgrade From A AMD Phenom II 945 Deneb

Hello I was lookin for a good upgrade from my current cpu, I was looking to change from AMD to intel and was thinking about the I5 2500K would the I5 be a noticeable difference from the 945 in games like shogun 2?

The main reason for the upgrade is I play alot of total war games and my cpu has kept up until the release of shogun 2 where if I set the unit detail above low my cpu cant handle it, everything else can be set to ultra which leads me to believe its more my cpu that needs upgraded and not my graphics card.

Advice on a matching motherboard would also be great.

My current setup is as below and many thanks in advance :)

AMD Phenom II 945 Deneb
Gigabyte MA77OT - UD3P
600W OCZ Stealth Stream
8 GIG Of Corsair XMS
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  1. Without question the Intel i5 will be a huge difference in gaming. The 2500k is a real nice CPU.
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