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Okay I was going to use a Antec 1200 on my new build but I found this video(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yD6PdjYyvo)
and desided I have to have it, I looked all over the net I found cheaply modded cases, wood cases and poorly painted cases all supposed to be HAL 9000

I can cut and Weld and do some Minor brazing but this is above my skill set so I come here for help

1. Does anyone know the diminsions of the real Hal from the movie something I can scale to Full tower Size I can't seem to find them
2. I am thinking of contacting Mountainmods and seeing if they will build the case I know that from time to time they do custom work
3. has anyone ever seen the case in this video as being made or for sale, I would have no issues dropping 500+ on a full tower version of that case in the Hal-9000 Theme.

I am thinking of using a Mountain Mods Pinnacle 24 I need to flip the face plate over so the drive bays are on the bottom this system will be water cooled so I will keep the 4x120mm Fans on the top then I replace the side panel with Lightly smoked acrylic and all I have do have made is a new front panel and I can make the glowing red eye myself.

the door will be the issue I want it to hide the CD/DVD drives times 3 so thy will have to be set back into the faceplate and inch or so to make room
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  1. I found some DIY Alu Photo frame kits I could use to Mod the front Panel and I can put the Power and Reset Switched under the cover, I am thinking of just holding the mesh cover in place with some small magnets as I can't find a flip down door I can mod easy yet.
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