CDR, not CDRW drives

Does anyone know of any drives that just do recording, not re-writeableing?
I would think they'd be cheaper, I'm curious.

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  1. Good question! I never use my re-write capability of my Plextor Burner. That would be nice if they had just a standard burner that just writes!

    Hope someone has seen it!!

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  2. I think they <i>used to</i>, but not anymore.

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  3. My friend had an panasonic cdr that does not have re-write. It was cheaper then re-writable that time but still cost him over $200.
  4. They definately used to, my first on was a jvc xr2010 (scsi) 4x read and 2x write LOL (could have been 6x read, i forgets), but yes, not everyone wants a rewrite facility, but from a manuf point of view- its another feater to offer.....

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  5. they used to have them...
    back in the days of 2x and 4x writing.
    but Write and RW are standard features now.

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  6. Once upon a time ;) there were CDR drives that didn't rewrite. But AFAIK every CDR above 8x is a CDRW - the added cost must be insignificant (added core logic really).

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  7. Yeah, I agree. There would be little or no difference in price.

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  8. yay

    i used a rewritable CD last nite.

    tried my single 4x-10x ricoh cd that was supplied with my ricoh drive to back up all my utilites & drivers i have installed.
    mmm went wonderfully.

    i may not use the RW feature again... but its still nice to have. the opportunity to add stuff or erase and start again on a high quality cd is not to be sniffed at. good data security incase things go LOL

    I'll respect your comments & opinions, even if i disagree with them, Provided you display maturity.
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