Extreme Gaming PC. Your thoughts?

This is literally an Extreme Edition gaming PC using Intel's Extreme Edition CPU.
Now I want you guys to know somethings. I want the ThermalTake PSU and Case. I want an ASUS mobo and GPU. Corsair cooler and RAM. Western Digital HDD. Thanks if you give feedback!
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  1. That will not give you any better gaming experiences than an i5-3570k.
  2. I want something that will be future proof. Like years down the line future proof. And it will be working hard while playing a game while streaming, then later editing and adding audio recordings while having Skype, Steam, etc. open. lol I'm ridiculous...
  3. It is always better to spend $1k on the build now and gradually upgrade over the years than to blow a ton off the bat.
  4. But my point being I won't have to upgrade gradually. Instead it will all be ready for years to come w/o having to replace anything but RAM and possibly PSU.
  5. It will still cost more in the long run than my recommendation.
  6. future proofing doesnt really exist as much. technology quickly evolves and prices change, more gimmicks get added on. for instance, ddr4 ram is going to be released sometime probably in the next year or 2. whether or not intel haswell/amd steamroller will use it is up in the air.

    the only physical thing that is "futureproof" really is the case.
  7. I so far completely agree with everyone else in this thread. You should never spend $1K alone on a CPU when one that costs 1/3 as much can be clocked to match or beat the advertised speeds. You're literally paying $1K for absolutely nothing.

    The one thing I don't like is the case choice - I've never liked the Level 10. I've always thought it's an ugly, overrated monstrosity. If you're going to pay that much for a case the NZXT Switch 810 would be a far better setup.
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