New case? Fans? Both? Water cooling?

Currently I'm using a Lancool K62 and Venomous X-RT, all with stock fans on a 2600k. I'd like my temps and noise both to go down. Pushing close to 80C after a period of time in a Prime 12hr blend test on 1.36v @ 4.5GHz.

1: Is there any chance of dropping a very decent amount of temp through a re-haul of all the fans in this system (not GPU), including the VenX?
2: If not, would I be able to get anything better out of a different case? Complete set of aftermarket fans on that new case as well?
3: Water cooling, while not terribly cost efficient for what you're getting (Or is it? over a very large period of time perhaps?), how often do you have to spend money to maintain it? What all do you need to replace if for instance I would want to upgrade my board/CPU in the next few years, do I just get a new piece to attach to the new type of socket? Or is there more to it than just replacing what goes on the CPU? If I do end up going water, I want to do it right and will spend the money to do it right the first, and last time.

What I would really like to do is get new fans and just redo my stock ones, however I feel like that's not going to net me much in noise reduction and performance. A new case along with that could, however (?). Water cooling's the easy out, but not for my pocket.

Dumb reason is dumb, but I have some money to blow. I want my noise and temps down.
Water cooling seems very awesome and while making it easy to kill noise and drop temps, I would probably need/want a full tower to go along with water cooling which makes it look much less appealing, because then I'm buying two things I don't truly need. Anyone have opinions on fans? Could I do a lot better on a case? Is water cooling still too overrated?
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  1. no over clocking is cost efficient at the moment as it reduces components lifetimes. its more or less dead. if you want it cooler u need watercooling, if u need it quieter you need to reduce your overclock rate. fans are necessary only if you are certain that flow instead is blocked in one way or another. case fans are most effective if you have sli/crossfire which dumps a huge load of heat inside your case. else a good cpu fan will do if u just overclock ur cpu. you can check this buy putting a tissue in front of each fan and noticing the push/pull power. watercooling is great, i wish i could afford it, or justify its cost even slightly. i use a pharos laser at work that outputs a one watt infrared laser, and it uses watercooling connected to a box, which i can only guess is some kind of vacuum cleaner. that i can justify...
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