Power Supply problems.

I got my PC parts in on Monday from Newegg and I wasn't able to build it until Wednesday. I did an external build first to see if all the parts were good. I plug everything up and start to plug up the power supply. When I was going to short out the prongs to boot it up I noticed that when I flipped the switch on the power source the fan moved about 20 degrees and stopped, I figured it was nothing to worry about. So i press the 2 prongs in the F-panel and gave it a few secs and nothing happened. I tried one last time and it still didn't boot up. I put my ear up to it and the power source didn't even sound like it was even running. Of course it made the power down sound but turning it on it made no noise. I made sure I was touching something metal frequently while doing this external build and i had everything on a wooden desk so I doubt it short itself out because of me. I had all the plugs plugged in like the 24 pin, the atx slot, and the slot that goes from your video card (why cant I remember the name for that) cable plugged in. Am I forgetting to plug something up or is it just a bad power supply?

Here are the links to my parts involved with this

Power Supply:


Video Card:
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  1. That PSU is junk, I think you found your problem. Buy one of these instead. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817371045
  2. mace200200 said:
    That PSU is junk, I think you found your problem. Buy one of these instead. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817371045

    Well I have a problem... I called them and they're insisting a replacement, because newegg is too generous so if this replacement doesn't work I'll check that one out... but thank you, I'm short on the money but if i get this refunded I will buy that one for sure :D
  3. Try to refund it and get the Antec, when you use low quality PSU's like that they're likely to blow up and when that happens it'll often times take everything else with it.
  4. I concur that that PSU you have is a low quality none reputable brand. But I will recommend some other options although more wattage than you need it's worth the extra money in my opinion if you ever decide to upgrade in the future, also all the units are built by Seasonic and include a 5 year warranty v the 2 year warranty. The PSU is the most overlooked part of a new system build when in reality its the most important so you should never skimp out on the quality.

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  5. Congratulation everybody, I thank you all for the info and i just refunded the PSU. Thank you all for advice, I really appreciate it
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