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So I just bought from Wal Mart the ZT Systems 850- 0003(http://www.ztsystems.com/default.aspx?tabid=1239&productid=28226) theres the link to description off the official site, it has i5 3450, couple terabytes in memory and 16gigs of ram(overkill i know) but it only ran me 599 so i cant complain.

However the weak spot for the system it has no gaming card, just the integrated graphics, Like i said I dolled out 599 already which for me is alot even if it was a bargain(was it? opinions?), the question is, I am interested in upgrading the card, without having to upgrade my power unit, Ive read that higher end cards require a bigger power unit to handle the load, This system comes with an ATX 12V 350 watt power unit(according to specs on that link), Also I am looking to play a lil bit of light gaming? Diablo 3, maybe some Wow, I am a call of duty fan but i have an xbox, I have no aspirations that my system will be able to run COD, so knowing all this whats the best gaming card i can get that will give me the greatest gaming punch without it messing up my system? OR can the system play D3 with the integrated graphics? Ive read about the 9800 GT BFG ECO, will this be fine/good? any other suggestions?, thanks!

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  1. Guys the 9800GT is on Ebay right now really cheap and about to end!, and you guys are letting me down, and thanks MM, sorry about earlier
  2. Your i5-3450 processor uses 77W (http://ark.intel.com/products/65511). You need to find out the power requirements of the other devices in the computer and add them up.
    If you can find out how many watts it takes for each memory stick, and it has 4 sticks (of 4G each), then multiply that by 4. Add that in with the 77W for the processor, then total in the power requirments for the DVD "optical--drive", the harddrive, and the card-reader, and LAN network interface card, and you'll have close to the total power requirements of the system.

    Then subtract that from 350W, and you'll have a figure to work with. If, after subtracting, you only have 110 watts remaining, I wouldn't get a video card that eats 100W (you'd only have 10W leeway).

    Hopefully you can find out the power requirments for the devices....it can be hard to find that out, in case there are no user manuals (like my ZT Systems 7139Ma, with a Samsung HD204UI 2TB HardDrive....Samsung is no longer supporting this drive, and referred me to Seagate: http://www.seagate.com/samsung ....good luck with it: perhaps you'll be able to configure the integrated graphics with a video card into Crossfire formation.
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