Hello folks! In the next month I plan on building a new gaming rig and have some questions about the heatsink I want to use. I'm trying to go for a BLACK/BLUE type theme for my case "hints why I have everything those colors"

This is the Heatsink:

I have had a ZALMAN heatsink before and I loved it! I have looked up videos about this heatsink and havent found much =/. I would much rather stick with a fan the some liquid cooling like the H series from Cosair. I plan on building a mid-grade gaming rig with an Ivy Bridge i5 and I dont plan on overclocking it.

The Case:

I guess you can say im in love with this case and do not want to change it for any other case. I need to know if this Heatsink I want would be able to fit inside the case with no problem. If anyone could help me by giving more feed back about the Heatsink I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
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  1. That heatsink is amazing in design and build .

    Its also out of date , not particularly quiet and only moderately effective as a cooler .
    I would use a cheaper tower cooler that will perform better because it will have a greater fin area
    This Zalman
    is cheaper too
  2. if you would like a blue heatsink, the phanteks cooler is a great choice. other than the fact that it is huge
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