Hyper 212 - Will it fit?

Since my CPU has been running quite hot, I thought I'd get a new cooler. I've pretty much set my mind on the Hype 212 Evo, but I'm a little bit worried about it fitting in my case and not being blocked by my RAM and other components.

I've got an NZXT Lexa S with specs as follows:

- Intel i7 2600K
- ATI 5830
- 16GB RAM (4x 4gb)
- Intel DP67BG motherboard

I know there's been a tonne of threads, but I would still like an opinion :)
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  1. It should fit with the fan overhanging one of your ram sticks which is not a problem since you do not have ram with tall heat spreaders.
  2. You are good. The cooler is 160mm tall.

    As to clearing the ram, there are several options.

    Your favored cooler orientation is to send the cpu air towards the back of the case.
    If necessary, to clear the ram, the cooling fan can be slid up a notch higher.
    Or, the fan can be mounted on the opposite side to pull cooling air through the cooler.
  3. It should be fine. If it is does happen to hit the memory, you can always put the fan on the back and have it pull air through instead of blowing air in through the front.
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