Gigabyte Windforce Gtx 670 Underperforming Badly


Recently I bought a gtx 670 for my gaming pc build and was disapointed to find that it was not performing correctly in games such as Skyrm and BF3. I was expecting around 60fps minimum from both games but found that on ultra settings with tweaks such as turning off vsync and downing AA it would manage these framerates before quicky dropping to around 30-40 fps and staying there.

Currently I am running the 301.42 nividia drivers and have tried previous versions with limited success. After running after burner I discovered a significant drop in GPU usage after a short period of time with temperatures barely rising above 50 degrees.

I dont Know whether its just crap drivers or if the factory OC is bad.

Any suggestions on how I could fix this?

Thanks in advance and sorry I could not be more specific, I am relativly new to the this.
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  1. Just Ran Kombuster and it was acting normally with around 150fps and 95% GPU usage why is it not performing the same in Skyrim or BF3
  2. Did you manage to get 100% GPU useage in BF3 and Skyrim? Was there a driver fix?
  3. It was in the high 90's then it drops suddenly to around 60% running at around 40 degrees. In regads to drivers I dont know which are most stable at the moment from what I have heard they can be buggy for some but not others. When I have installed them I have always done a clean instal but now I dont know whether I might need to use driver sweeper.
  4. what resoloution?
  5. 1080pX1920X1080 (native) that is what my control pannel is set to at the moment monitor is operating at 67.Khz
  6. You failed to mention the most important factors in answering your question.



    Power supply?
  7. if its not using 100% of your GPU, the GPU is not the issue - its your CPU.
  8. What PCI rail is it sitting in?
  9. whoops my bad
    cpu i52500k
    resolution 1080pX1920X1080 (native)
    psu Corsair CX600W builder series (600W)
    RAM 8Gb DDR3
    OS windows 7 (64bit)
    mobo ASUS P8Z77VLX
  10. My GPU is sitting on a PCI 3.0X16 closest to the cpu
  11. Here is a tread where someone is having similar performance issues, not sure if he found a solution though.
  12. I thought an i52500k would be up to the job of Skyrim at least
  13. I'm thinking its a driver issue, not sure how often nvidia updates their drivers though.
  14. Any recomendations for drivers I could try since I have altready tried
  15. Ok been running afterburner and my max GPU usage was 41% on Skyrim ultra with no AA with an average fps of around 50. This is running the older 301.34 driver insaled via custom clean instal. You mentioned it might be a cpu issue if so how would I fix this?
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