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Hello everyone,
Yesterday i built my gaming rig, installed everything where it should go. The problem is that when i tried to use the front panel jack it didnt work (my case is CM HAF 912, mobo is Asus P8H77 V LE), the mobo audio jack works perfectly. I connected the HD audio plug to the motherboard, and set the bios to run on the HD audio. I have tried to change it to AC97 however, it wont work. I installed the realtek HD audio manager, nothing more. Is there any driver i should install? Is it the case connector? Is it the mobo? idk :(
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  1. check if you have sound on the back of the case and does realtek panel tel you ,you could have mute the speaker.
  2. the sound on the back works perfectly, and i haven't muted my pc. On the realtek administrator, it appears as if the front panel isnt working.
  3. check the realtek panel if you plug in the headphones there is something like sound be redirected to them.
  4. In realtek audio manager, there is a folder type icon which when clicked shows some options. Check/uncheck the first option, something as disable front jack detection and see if the headphone works. I had the same problem before and checking the option solves it
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