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Line on my laptop screen


So I am using my father's laptop until my rig arrives.I have connected my mouse,keyboard,lan cable,speakers front jack and 21''monitor via HDMI to it(1920x1080).
I never look at the laptop's screen since I made it use my monitor only.Today I needed to check something in the bios and noticed a line on the laptop screen.The line is very very thin and has small spaces in it,something like this:


It appears everywhere as soon as the screen turn on.
Also the laptop has crashed a few(like 5 times) this week,it completely shutdown.It happen mostly when playing Hitman Absolution.
My 21''monitor doesnt have that like.

The laptop is a samsung np300e5a-s01pt.

Link to speccs:

Its in portuguese and some info is missing.

6gb ram
Nvidia 520mx
Intel Graphics
500gb Hdd on 3 partitions:1st one is the system restore,2nd is OS,3rd is storage.

Should I try a stress test on the CPU and GPU?
I will run memtest in the morning.

Is using an HDMI connection bad for the GPU compared to VGA?

Thanks all.
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  1. Result of Memtest86 reported no errors.I guess ram can be ruled out.

    Would like some opinions about wether or not to preform a stress test on the CPU and GPU.
  2. From what you've said, i'd guess it's dead pixels on the LCD panel. A image of the screen would really help on the other hand.

    No - using a HDMI connection isn't 'bad' compared to using VGA. Use either one - they're there to be used. In fact, HDMI produces what some would call 'better image quality' on the screen due to the fact that HDMI is essentially DVI which is digital compared to the analogue of the VGA.
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    Here is a photo of the line(printscreen didn't record it,odd):

    And a close up:

    Should I still try a stress test on the CPU and GPU since the laptop crashed a few times?

    Thanks again.
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    If printscreen didn't record it, it would be hardware related - not software related. A printscreen only records what is 'sent' to the screen; not what is 'on' the screen like a photo. Due to the fact that the lines didn't show up on the VGA/external screen - it rules out the graphics card. It seems that the laptop has stuck/dead pixels on the LCD.

    I don't see how a stress test on a CPU and GPU could help in this case; unless you were testing stability of the machine (fixing the crashes, another problem altogether).
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  6. Thanks,I guess i'll send it to the shop,its still covered by warranty.
    As for the stress test I am afraid to do them on a laptop.It barely cools down,forcing a 18 hour stability test would be a disaster for sure.
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