A6 5400 vs intel G680 . NO discrete card! help

I am not sure which one to buy.
I only want this system to play movies, surf the internet, and maybe little gaming for my 3 year old

so is the best choice to go for the A6 as it has far superior graphics?

I will be using a 50" pdp display, playing bluray rips, streaming you tube, playing music.
playing videos, just entertainment stuff. tv, movies, music ...

thank you..
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  1. Budget ?
  2. Brett928S2 said:
    Budget ?

    they are the same price..
  3. go for the A6
  4. In general, if there is any gaming involved using discrete graphics I normally recommend going with AMD's APU. For all the other things you mentioned either CPU should be fine. However, I am unsure of how well the integrate Intel HD graphic core will handle Blu-Ray movies since they do require a bit of decoding by the graphics cards. The Intel HD is less powerful than the Intel HD 2000.
  5. +1 for the AMD APU. I went A10 in the end.

    My needs are similar to your, but I want to game a little bit also.
  6. +1 AMD GPU will kick the G680's HD2000 backside.
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