Dc 120W enough for A6 5400 ,4Gram, ?

I am looking at building a small compact case,

so the Dc 120W power supplies look good for this, NO fan, NO noise, quiet, easy.

but, with a power supply so low, there might be problems right?

well when you compare these kinds of powers, ie- laptops, dvd players, set top boxes etc..
they work fine..

so , I am looking at A6 5400, 4 g ram, ssd, asrock H67, in a compact case. with a cooler.

used for tv viewing, movies, XBMC, surfing the net, and maybe some games if I want.
this is why I have gone for the a6 over the G680

thank you..
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  1. WHICH psu ?
  2. Brett928S2 said:
    WHICH psu ?

    I don't know.. just wondering if the power source is even enough to worry about looking for one first.
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