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Will this PSU be enough for me?

Hi all.
The Graphics Card I'm looking at right now:

It says that I need a PSU with a minimum of 400W.
So I'm looking at this one:

But I'm wondering if I should spend an extra ten dollars and go with this one?:

I know that Corsair have a good rep. but not sure if 450W will be enough to power everything else as well. (1x HDD, 1X DVD Drive, and a couple of fans)

Thanks in advance,
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    Yes, the corsair VS450w will do, you don't need to spend the extra bucks, but the antec is better and if you can get it, it's always better to have more juice.

    Also there's a better gpu for the same price(any of the psus will also do for this one) :
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  3. Excellent, thanks very much
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