Will dell inspiron 1525 take an Intel Core 2 Duo T5250 processor from an Acer ge

HI Guys,

I had a great laptop, Acer 4920 with dual core processor and the screen broke. I was given an inpsiron 1525 with a single core but it's also a pretty good laptop, but not as capable.

I was wondering could I switch the processor from the acer to the dell?And if so how would I go about doing it(bios etc)?
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  1. Is the processor in the Inspiron an Intel or AMD chip? It also depends on the socket on the motherboard. If the sockets are the same it may work but you need to check with Dell to see if it is supported. It would help to know the motherboard models of both computers. With the Dell you may be able to find out using the Service Tag. If the Dell does support it you would need to check the Dell site for a BIOS upgrade.
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