The best parts for a gaming pc

the best cpu which i can get for a gaming pc
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  1. the best cpu for value and power are the intel i-5 line of cpu. in the 1155 motherboards. if you look at tom hardware value build they use mostly intel cpu as there better cpu for gaming. if you have a lot of free cash the the i7 on the 2011 motherboards are the top of the line for retail cpu.
  2. the best motherboard for cpu intel i7
  3. I would probably say the two best motherboards for socket LGA 1155 (i7 and i5) are the ASUS P8-Z68-V Pro GEN3 and the ASrock Extreme 3 Gen 3
  4. theres actually a wide range of components that will be the best for a gaming pc depending on the budget and what you expect to see...
  5. you could get a z77 mobo with an i5 and 4gb dual channel ram. Most money goes to the gpu for gaming,like a gtx 6xx series card and you're set.
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