[Q] hd 7770 + pci ex 3.0 or 650 ti + pci ex 2.0

i am on a new build i was wondering wether i should take an ivy bridge cpu (i5 3330) + hd7770 for pci e 3.0

or gt 650 + sandy bridge (g630) which would give better performance. as i have a limited budget
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  1. Get the i5 3330 and the 7770, not cause of the pcie 3.0 support(performance difference in null 3.0 vs 2.0), but cause of the other cpu is a really weak cpu vs a good quadcore.
    Also not much difference between the two cards.
    You could get better performance in some games with the G630+650 ti, but in the future if you want another card, you just swap the card, in the other suggestion, you'll need to swap both the card and cpu.
  2. Isn't G630 like a Pentium? The Ivy+7770 is MUCH better IMO.

    BTW 2.0 vs 3.0 makes next to no difference right now, even the high end dual CPUs can't saturate a 2.0 connection, in fact the upcoming 7970x2 is limited to the 2.0 PCie interface for simplicity, and that's fine because it can't even max out a 2.0 connection, even as a dual card. The only differences are I'd assume latency and different speeds because of the different processors.
  3. seriously u dont need the bandwidth of pci-e3 even if you are using high-end gpu like gtx680.. it might be slightly useful if you are doing sli/crossfire with high-end gpus .. so u really dont need to warry about pci-e 3 if you are using low-midrange gpus like 650ti/7770
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