560 ti oc vs 6950 2gb oc

hi people i have and question what is the best choice???


my country prices=

the 6950 2gb oc $279

the 560 ti ds sc $ 313

i have only this options in my mind what is the best????
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  1. Out of those the HD6950! Especially taking the price into consideration.
    Comparison std clock cards
  2. Quote:
    6950 FTW at that price!

    Errrrrr $190 on newegg...

    I would guess none US!
  3. GTX560TI gets my vote out the two cards but considering those weird pricing it loses my vote lol get the 6950 2gb oc although i think i just keep my money and not spend it on either those at those price points :na:
  4. Sorry just realized your in different state and country my bad.
  5. Best answer selected by undress.
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