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Is this a insufficient PSU issue?

Hi all!

I recently upgraded my computer from a Intel Dual Core E5700 to a Quad 2 Core E9400, as well as upgraded from a radeon 4700 series ( I believe it was ) to a radeon 6600 series.

My computer has a 300w stock PSU unit.

Ive had it running smooth for about a week now, and have made minimal changes, but just today, during gaming sessions ( multibox gaming, pretty CPU/GPU intensive ) the game will hesitate as if loading/frame lagging for a half a second, then suddenly my wireless adapter cuts out. I have to unplug it from the USB then plug it back in to get it to reaquire signal.

After having issues I updated my drivers to current for the wireless adapter.

Im using a Netgear wireless WNDA3100v2.

The Radeon 6600 series says that it requires a 400w PSU, however due to minimal hardware running on my computer ( all stock except for my two upgrades ) all sites I have visited estimate I need roughly a 250w PSU, let alone a 400.

Is my wireless adapter failing? Is my PSU failing due to a week of strenuous load? Where in the world do I begin troubleshooting?

Please when recommending methods to troubleshoot, do keep in mind im on a limited budget, and am a novice at upgrading computers and working with hardware. Whenever I make a purchase, be it a new wireless adapter, a new PSU, or hopefully neither, it needs to be what I need to remedy the problem.
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    I think that the computer would just shut down if it was power issue. Is it no power to all the USB ports or just the adapter that stops working?
  2. Just the adapter.

    I believe I have figured out my problem, the recent windows update caused my drivers to go defunct for some reason for the wireless adapter. Fully updated drivers dont help. Hopefully they have a fix for it soon, until then, I guess I get to have windows updates off. Restored back to the point before the windows update and everything is Hunky-Dory.

    So help me god, Ive had more problems from windows updates than I have had from system-crippling viruses in the 15 years ive used computers.
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  4. I guess the fact I am nervous about insufficient power from my upgrades is what made me jump to the conclusion about failing PSU.
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