Power Requirements and What I've got

So I have a system that, for the most part, uses very little juice. It has:

i3 2100
1 SSD Drive
2 1 TB WD Green HDD's ( 1 Sata 3, 1 Sata 6)
GA-Z68MA-2dh-b3 motherboard
1 DVD RW Drive (sata)
1 140MM fan
1 120MM fan
and a Antec Basiq 500W PSU with 36A on the 12V rails. (Antec Basiq 500U)

Now according to antec's PSU calc I SHOULD be able to get away with running my new video card with it, but the manufacturer states that I need a minimum of 38A on the 12V rails and a 550W minimum PSU.

I have a GTX 560 Ti 448 Core FTW card. I've used Antec for a lot of builds and I've always found them of good quality, but I want to be sure that this can power my new card for at least a year before I go ahead and pop for a more powerful PSU. Can anyone tell me if this is possible? I can run the card w/o using molex adapters (the PSU has 2 6 pins).

If anyone can give me a hand, I sure would appreciate it. I found a local retailer that has the Corsair HX1000W modular for $120, so if I need to, I could go that route.

Thanks for your help, all!

If anyone cared, this is the article I read before I even purchased this PSU. It's supposed to be good, but minus the 80 Plus certs.
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