SATA Cable prevents Case from closing

One side closes fine, but the SATA cable protruding from the HDD mount prevents the side from closing, I've tried forcing the HDD down further but it won't give.

What do?
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  1. Get SATA cables with the 90 degree turn on them, either at any pc shop or online.

    They even make adapters to plug into your current cable, than then goes to a 90 degree end to allow it to close.

    Should cost you less than $10 even at a fancy computer shop and a few bucks at a decent one that doesn't gouge on the peripherals they sell, but most do, that's the money making items. Sad that you make the same profit on a cable as a hard drive but if you try and make $15 profit on a hard drive, they don't buy from you and order online at newegg. lol.
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