Are these gpu, cpu, and motherboard compatible? GPU MBOARD CPU

Also is there anything thats better for cheaper etc? Im really wanting to go maximum quality for price so if any of these are known to fail etc i would love to know!
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  1. yes, that ivy bridge CPU works just fine with the Z77 motherboard.
    And you dont have to worry about the GFX either.
    Looks like a nice build.
  2. Sweet thank you! Also another question is there any reliable things i could switch the mboard out with that work just as well(try to save a bit but if not thats cool). Also another question or two would the cpu risk overheating same for gpu? stock cooling in a stuffy-ish case) and finally would a 650 watt cosair be enough for this and 6gb of ram?
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    sounds like you have done a few bit of research already.

    Yep Asus got a great line up products for different price range.
    Standard z77 board would work also. There is not much difference apart from a few more pcie lan and extra wifi, slightly better cooling?? and few extra port you won't use

    6gb ram sounds highly irregular, normally they comes in either 4gb or 8gb for optimal performance.

    650watt is fine.

    I think the i5 3570k is the standard recommandation for gaming pc just like the 2500k was
  4. Ty very much for the reply!

    Hmm so is the i7 i listed not enough bang for its buck or just a bit to much? The ram i have is from a previous pc and it was 3 sticks of 2 i believe. Anywho im trying to make sure i can play some games on max for a while and dont mind dropping 50-100 more on a better pcu if its of course worth it, if it has a diminishing returns type effect and dosnt scale accordingly or better with cost then the i5 I would definitely consider dropping it down to i5. just wanted to future proof a bit if possible in this case.
  5. I am suprised that I can't find many 3570k review out there but here is one. Most out there all focus on the igpu. I suppose cpu wise ivy hasn't changed much from the previous gen.
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