Having Problem w/ Network Adapter

I have asked two other questions on this forum to no avail, and would really appreciate an answer this time. Thanks.

Just recently my internet connectivity has been a little slow, and tends to drop in and out often. The status indicator always

always declares all 5 bars, however the error sign appears very frequently causing me to lose my connection. I have tried using

several adapters since I started having the problem, and I am currently using the D-LINK DWA 125 WIRELESS N NETWORK


My score is : Ping - 63ms
Download Speed: 0.15Mbps
Upload Speed: 0.30 Mbps

Hope that's enough info.
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    Firstly, the five bars are only telling you the data is being shipped to your computer efficiently, in other words the router is well sited and broadcasting a good signal.

    The parlous Internet speed is down to your ISP although they'll probably try to blame you. Do you have a filter on the telephone line to the router? If you have more than one in the same line, take one out. When you pick up your telephone, do you hear noise on the line?

    Can you cable the computer to the router just to be absolutely certain wireless can be taken off the suspects list?

  2. Thanks for the quick response.

    There doesn't seem to be a problem with the phone although that wouldn't exactly be my area of expertise. The internet in all other areas of the house are recieving good signals including wireless devices like the laptop I am using to type right now. Unless there any other indicators I am missing the problems seem to lie with the desktop alone.

    Any other ideas?
  3. What service do you have? And is it one of those services that they only has a router/ modem combo option? EX: U-verse?
  4. I tried saga lout's suggestion and plugged the desktop into the router through the ethernet port. I had the same issue as with the wireless connection. I then thought I'd plug into the modem just in case, and still no improvement. I can pretty much tell by now that there is an issue with the network controller on the motherboard.

    Thanks to everyone for their input. Guess it's time for a new MB.
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  6. godonnell1994 said:
    Thanks to everyone for their input. Guess it's time for a new MB.

    That's a big and possibly unnecessary expense - try a USB wireless dongle first. Also, could I please see the results of an ipconfig /all call from the Command Prompt? Run the command then right click anywhere in the form and press Enter to put it all into the Clipboard. In a reply box back here, Control V wll reproduce it.

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