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I7-3930K v i5-3570k

As far as gaming goes, which of these processors have the advantage?

Also which is going to have the better longevity for upgrades?
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    Well... the 3930k doesn't really outperform the 3570k that much....

    but it does have more cores... which games might take advantage of it in the future...

    Longivity wise, I bet both are going to be around the same since games are just being optimized for 2 cores...

    I'd save the money by going with 3570k and a good cooler to overclock it...
  2. Thanks. I had settled on the 3570k initially, but then I read Tom's gift guide and they listed the 3930k for their high end machines and the 3570k for their mid range. So I thought I might be missing something.
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