Ati HD 6670 vs 6770 vs 7750. (Or: What graphics card fits this rig?)

Recently, a deal sneaked up on me: A motherboard Asus P5Q-EM (It carries an PCI Express 1.1 slot); with a Q6600 Core 2 Quad, 4 gigs of so called Kingston "Hyper X" DDR2 ram, and a power supply of 480 watt. At the cost of €120. I consider this to be a reasonable deal (haven't paid for the thing yet).

However, I am curious what sort of graphics card I should put on this thing. As a student, I lack my own source of income, and therefore would like to spend the least amount of money possible.

The target is a playable BF3 experience at 1280*1024, or 1366 * 768 (depending on if I want to buy a new screen or use an old one). I don't mind setting the thing to "Low"

I have recently seen three ATI/AMD cards which interest me:
The Asus 6670 1GB DDR5 €80.
Pros: Comes with Dirt 3 (:P), is the cheapest of the bunch. Doesn't draw as much power.
Cons: Might not be fast enough for my purposes (however, the 5670 I have now does reasonably well, although it has some trouble with BF3. However, at my current location, I have a 1080p screen).

The 7750! €105.
Pros: Certainly will not tax the power supply - is quite fast and its DX11 performance marks it as reosonably future proof - this OC version only costs 5 euros more then the normal version, and it looks like this one has quite a beefy cooling system. WHich is always a plus.
Cons: Uses PCI express 3.0 - therefore, my PCI express 1.1 motherboard might not be able to get this card to its full potential - if it is able to utilise it at all! This is also the most expensive card.

The 6770[.url] €95 euros

Pros: Fast - will probably be able to fit in my motherboard, is probably fast enough for my expectations.
Cons: It draws 150 watts of power, which my power supply might not be able to provide.

So I am dubbing between these three - Does anyone have any other suggestions, or can someone help me with my doubts?
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  1. The P5Q-EM has PCIe 2.0. The 6770 and 7750 perform very similarly in BF3. Your 480w PSU is probably enough for the 6770, but if it's a generic brand PSU then I'd just get the 7750 to not risk any issues. And your Q6600 should be fine, no bottlenecks on those cards.
  2. I appear to have made a massive mistake - My MB is the P5QPL-AM (I forgot the last few letters, and then googled P5Q without bothering to much to check if it was actually the same board - Stupid!).

    Thus, I am curious if the 1.1 thing will be an issue.
  3. No, PCIe is forwards/backwards compatible.
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