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I5 3570k vs i7 3770k Long run

Hello ,

I am getting a new pc mainly for gaming i know i5 3570k is a king but i plan to keep my pc for next 5-6 years minimum and just Upgrade new gpu .

I also plan to overclock to 4.5-4.7 ghz here are :

1> I5 3570k + hyper 212

2> I7 3770k + hyper 212


3> i5 3570k + Noctua NHD14

i5 3570k + noctua NH D14 are very close to i7 3770k + hyper 212 budget wise .

So which cpu will perform better without bottle necking future GPU's ?

Other things :

Gtx 670
Azrock extreme 4
16 gb ram


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  1. From all the research I've done the only major advantage the i7 3770k will have is hyper threading, which games don't utilize and from everything I've read likely won't in the near future (10 years). They are both ivy bridge processors and thus will use the same type of components. So I see no reason that any GPU upgrade would ever work for one and not the other.
  2. Ok i will go for i5 3570k as Hyper threading won't benefit me in gaming .

    What Cooler do u suggest Hyper 212 or Noctua NHD14 i plan to hard overclock 4.7 as my target .

    I know overclock helps for gaming a bit any soft caps i need to aim like 4 ghz or 4.5 ghz ?

    In my country ideal temp is 28C and goes 34-35 In summer .

  3. The i7 won't be that much better in the long run. Just go with the i5.
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    It varies depending on what you're doing. Even then however - you'll barely notice the difference unless you benchmarked. Like stated above, the only 'major' difference is HT, which is only of use in 'multi-core' applications (e.g. you'd notice better vm performance, faster rendering?, etc)

    To save my breath - just get the 3570K and the D14. It's simply not worth the extra cash to get the 3770K over the 3570K.
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