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I bought a viewsonic model # VS13818 monitor. The monitor is working great, and i really have no problems there. What is a problem is the fact that the speakers will not work. last night they were working fine, watching movies playing games, all great. today, i can't hear a thing. the skype load sound plays, and the volume adjust noise plays, but nothing else. I really want to get them working but have no idea what to do. the pc it is plugged into is custom, built by me (i work as a hardware engineer). Not satisfied with what i current know i opened up the monitor, all connections are good, speakers in great shape, i also checked all pc connections, all of which were perfect. The motherboard I am using has realtek HD audio for all audio inputs, and this monitor uses SRS Premium sound. My guess is that i need to work on the drivers, but would like a second opinion, and a little instruction on what specifically to do.

and yes i know this does not have to do with AMD, there is no subsection for monitor questions
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    Check your sound settings in control panel and RT audio manager.
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